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Estonia, renowned for its lush forests and a large number of islands, is home to several notable lakes, each adding to the country's serene natural beauty. Among these, Lake Peipus, known for being one of the largest freshwater lakes in Europe, stands out for its ecological importance and the rich history it shares with neighboring Russia. The following table provides an overview of the country's major lakes, focusing on essential aspects such as the lake's surface area, its elevation above sea level, its primary water source, and the nature of its outflow.

Lake Name



Water Source


Lake Peipus (Peipsi Järv)
(shared with Russia)

3,550 km²
(1,370 mi²)

30 m
(98 ft)

Emajõgi River; Velikaya River

Narva River to Gulf of Finland

Lake Võrtsjärv

270 km²
(104 mi²)

33 m
(108 ft)

Emajõgi River; several other rivers

Emajõgi River

Narva Reservoir 
(shared with Russia)

191 km²
(73 mi²)

30 m
(98 ft)

Narva River

Narva River